Play-Along MP3 Audio for Rubank Elementary Method for Flute

Includes all exercises for all 39 lessons!

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Custom-Made Audio Tracks.  Not Available anywhere else.  Professional quality.

This MP3 CD includes ALL the exercises (Over 200!) for all 39 lessons in the Rubank Elementary Method book for Flute or Piccolo.  It contains over 2 hours of audio.

This will help you learn faster & help you play the exercises properly. Perfect for self-teaching students or practicing at home.

Performed by a classically-trained professional pianist using a keyboard on the flute setting. (using a direct line-in to the computer from the keyboard).

It's like having your own personal tutor at home any time.

Here are some examples of the audio tracks:
Lesson 6-3
Lesson 11-3
Lesson 22-3
Lesson 29-5

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